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The development and design of RF systems and components for satellite earth stations is MIRAD microwave’s well known key competence. Our clients rely on us to meet their particular and individual system specifications with our tailor-made high performance solutions. Such solutions are being developed and designed by our competent team of experienced and specialized RF engineers and designers. Due to the very close and optimized cooperation between engineering, design and production, MIRAD microwave is able to provide to our international clients the most suitable products and solutions. Our experience and expertise in the set-up of antenna-systems, high frequency components and satellite system evaluations, gathered over more than 20 years, constitutes the basis of our renown international reputation. In course of the development process our knowhow is supported and leveraged through the use of the latest available versions of CEA technique (Computer Aided Engineering), such as CST Microwave Studio. The resulting electro-magnetic 3D simulations, developed by our highly qualified engineers, can be verified through our high grade in-house RF measurement expertise at a later stage in the production process. The holistic competence of our developing experts has led to the successful completion of multiple designs and projects for customers around the globe.

Reflector Design

By applying most modern and sophisticated software like GRASP and in-house developed tools is an expert in supporting you in the optical design of antenna systems. Our design range extends from very small, but highly precise VSAT measurement applications to standard dual reflector antennas to complex beam waveguide antennas for deep space communication. We also provide supporting services among others for validation, tolerance analysis and G/T calculations.

Feed System Design

Our holistic know how for passive microwave components in combination with our antenna design knowledge enables us to develop complete feed systems that precisely meet your specifications. Our own mechanical laboratory and our on-site measurement facilities up to 50GHz provide fast turn-over times and a cost efficient development, also for small batches. Our multiyear experience in combination with the application of the latest versions of our simulation tools like CST Microwave Studio, MICIAN uWizzard and TICRA CHAMP make the manufacturing of prototypes in most cases obsolete resulting in reduction of costs.