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Mechanical Laboratory

Due to the existence of today’s powerful simulation and design software the production of prototypes has become nearly obsolete. However, for the benefit of the process engineering, it is still necessary to manufacture specific parts for testing purposes or for the validation of new designs. High Frequency components additionally require a very high production precision which guarantees, together with our sophisticated measurement technique, the optimal product.

For this purpose MIRAD microwave operates a high precision mechanical laboratory. The latest technology in computer aided, as well as conventional machinery is used by our team of experienced and skilled mechanics to conduct adjustment, finishing and research processes as well as to manufacture test components. The resulting conclusions, completed by valuable inputs provided by our carefully selected and highly specialized suppliers that meet our high quality standards, are then integrated into the engineering activities. The implementation of such synergies we consider to be indispensable and constructive for the development of a technically sophisticated and excellent product. The exploration of new roads requires the search thereof. Through our mechanical laboratory we support our team of developing engineers with the latest findings in the field of process engineering and manufacturing.