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MIRAD as one of the leading companies for satellite communication is developing, manufacturing and providing continuously new innovative solutions that precisely cover your communication requirements.

Well embedded in a network consisting of scientific institutes, specialized suppliers and industrial partners that are also our clients, MIRAD is at all times able to design and manufacture high-end products and systems for the benefit of our customers. Up to 20 highly skilled staff members are responsible for our innovative and cost efficient high quality output. Our sustainable network motivates our RF development crew to extend the physical limits further and further, supported by newly programmed simulation tools. The resulting components are then designed with the aid of the latest available CAD technology, followed by the manufacturing of prototypes in our mechanical laboratory equipped with the best precision machinery and tools available on the market. For the serial production we rely on our stable network of trusted suppliers that are well aware of our requirements regarding high precision. The calibration and measurement is executed with the most modern measurement applications. In our large anechoic chamber our products are carefully tested and verified. Our testing infrastructure is also available for our client’s own measurement activities.