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Advantages of Retrofitting
Reasons for retrofitting your feed system might be

  • extension of frequency bandwidth
  • integration of additional frequency bandwidth
  • improvement of performance in the current frequency bandwidth
  • change of the polarisation mode
  • integration of additional functionality (e.g. monopulse tracking, polarisation switching, etc.)
  • 1:1 replacement of existing feed due to erosion

A retrofit of the existing feed system is most advantageous in a case where the antenna (size and condition) is still appropriate. However, due to our broad experience, we are also in a position to provide guidance to obtain a solid comparison basis between a suitable complete replacement with a new feed system including horn and feed can versus a retrofit option.

Any type of existing feed systems can be retrofitted; the overall project cost obviously depend on your specific requirements; however, if we can apply standard components and due to our efficient work processes and our skilled staff, man hours are reduced to the absolute minimum. Please also refer to our feed combiner site that provides information of our most sought after components that might be suitable for your feed retrofit. MIRAD has a wide range of components to compose your tailored feed system. Due to our experience we also are in a position to provide adaptations of standard components or completely new designs to exactly meet your individual needs in a cost and time effective manner.

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