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Retrofit process
Definition of Scope of Work
Based on the following information you will provide to us like

  • type of antenna
  • interfaces
  • frequency band
  • RX or TX or a combination thereof
  • performance specifications
  • dimension of the current feed can

we will establish an initial financial and technical offer indicating prices of all required new components, dismantling and re-assembly activities as well as necessary measurements for verification. The offer includes a first layout of the new feed design, detailed information about the project timeframe - starting with your order confirmation - as well as general conditions like delivery and payment terms.

Once you have shipped your current feed system to us, our first activity is a thorough analysis consisting of performance testing and a mechanical inspection of the system and its main components and interfaces. This important process generates the necessary information for the final financial and technical scope of work and the basis for the resulting feed design. This step is finished by the design review that provides the first result to our customers about the final result. This at the same time is the critical point to correct final issues with the later implementation of the refurbished feed back into its antenna.

You, as the recipient and user of the refurbished system, will be able to assess exactly the content and functionality of the retrofitted feed system and will be able to verify the correctness of all the interfaces. MIRAD, on the other hand, will have at hand the complete list of all components that need to be replaced.

However, if the down time of your antenna has to be reduced to an absolute minimum, MIRAD is also in a position to conduct initial analysis activities at your premises. For many types of antennas we are able to provide the refurbished feed can to be back on site within a period of three weeks (including transportation time).

Dismantling, Production and Reassembly Process
The dismantling process is again accompanied by further measurement activities to ensure the exact documentation of the current performance status of your feed.

Our high precision components and products then are carefully integrated into your feed system, whereas the individual components undergo separate control measurements to ensure the compliance with the previously indicated specifications. The components are individually tuned to your specific system. Once the feed system is complete, final measurements in our anechoic chamber take place and are protocolled accordingly.

The feed system documentation provides information about
  • S parameters
  • beam characteristics
  • mechanical layout
  • tightness of the new system

To enhance the project progress, we suggest that you take the time for a personal visit at our premises to attend the factory acceptance test.

The shipment with the corresponding tracking is done with utmost care. The delivery also contains our detailed project documentation that includes all relevant control measurement results.

On many occasions, to ensure the optimal antenna performance, we recommend that our specialists will conduct the integration of the feed into the antenna on-site; however it is up to the client to take this decision. The same also applies to the on-site inspection of the feed prior to its removal. Such activities are advantageous, as the relevant interfaces can be identified by us to avoid misunderstandings at a later stage of the project. Therefore once again, we suggest that you attend the factory acceptance test at our premises.

Important Remarks:
  • General principle applied to all retrofits: existing components are being re-used as much as technically feasible!
  • The position of connections can be altered in line with the customers' requirements

We are looking forward to receive your call or e-mail with your questions and specifications. We are convinced to be able to provide to you the most suitable solution at a reasonable price within a competitively short delivery time.

MIRAD microwave AG

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