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Our wide variety of RF couplers covers all typical specifications. Our high performance products range from simple smallband shortslot- couplers to components tailor-made to your individual requirements.

The focus in the development of our standard products was specifically on the best price-performance ratio. If this couplers will not fullfill your requirements, we are capable to combine any necessary coupling value with the best frequency linearity, directivity and return loss in a wide frequency range resulting in a high quality coupler.

Every coupler that leaves our house will be tested beforehand related to all relevant RF characteristics to ensure the quality of our products.

When choosing a coupler it is important to pay attention to your specific requirements to ensure the best possible integration into your system. Our sales team is more than happy to assist you in defining the suitable coupler.

key features:

  • exact coupling values
  • high directivity
  • optimized design in line with your application
  • high precision couplers available