microwaves mirad


MIRAD is proud to reach with precision designed and manufactured RF filters every technically possible customer specification. We carry a very wide standardized product range of waveguide and coaxial filters for all typical transmit, receive and harmonic reject filter applications in all RF bands.

MIRAD has long experience in development and production of filters for channel combination. We are your partner for coupler filter combiners, diplexers and multiplexers especially for high power requirements.

Do not hesitate, contact us with your specification, however unusual it is and you can expect a technically superior and precise solution to meet your requirements.

In the development and production MIRAD sets standards through the use of CNC-machined waveguide structures in split block technique. You might assume that your high RF power specifications constitute an insolvable problem for us? On the contrary, our team of highly specialized development engineers, supported by our latest software tools is keen to challenge your specifications with an elegant and efficient solution that will guarantee electrically and thermally stable filter systems for your daily, uninterrupted use.

Through our up-to-date measurement and production infrastructure and highly trained manpower, we deliver the highest quality that will exceed your expectations.

Our sales team is looking forward to your inquiry.

key features:

  • precise and accurate material simulation
  • customized combinations of filter-topology for best performance
  • very low insertion loss
  • best return loss
  • high stop-band attenuation