Our standard feed combiners often can be found as one key part of our feed systems. Should you consider outsourcing the adaption or upgrade of your feed system entirely, MIRAD is the perfect partner. With our antenna upgrade experience you will get a technically and financially optimized system. However, the feed combiners are also available as stand-alone units for different frequency bands.

Ku-band feed combiners (straight 2- / 4-ports, and folded 6-port)

Feed Combiner Components

4-port Ka-band feed combiner with forced cooling
  • Blue: Taper, interface to the circular waveguide
  • Green: Orthomode transducer (OMT), separation of polarization
  • Orange: Diplexers, separation of transmit and receive frequency bands
  • Turquoise: Hybrid couplers, recombination of orthogonal signals to produce circularity

Any component of the feed combiner is available as single component as well. However, in order to get best possible performance a single source solution is recommended.

Popular MIRAD Feed Combiners

Frequency bands:

  • C-band
  • X-band
  • Ku-band / DBS-band
  • Ka-band


  • 2-port, 4-port and 6-port
  • Linear or circular polarization
  • Straight or folded
  • PIM specification

Please note that the feed combiners are available in a broad range of different types and configurations. Just contact us with your specific requirements and we will provide you with all necessary details immediately. If a standard feed combiner does not meet your specification, our engineering is at your service to design a customized solution.

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