A Typical MIRAD Feed System

For the reception and transmission of microwave signals from and into space

Ka-band feed system integrated into feed can including feed window rain blower

Feed Can

  • Feed tube optional with service doors
  • Rain blower (optional)
  • Feed heating device (optional)
  • Feed flange (customized to the antenna reflector vertex for smooth on-site integration)

Feed Assembly (Orange)

Standardized and custom build models for all frequency bands from 1 GHz up to 70 GHz.

  • Feed horn including feed window (single/double)
  • Tracking coupler (optional)
  • Feed Combiner (linear or circular – switchable optional)

Single bands:

  • L-band
  • S-band
  • C-band
  • X-band
  • Ku-band
  • K-band
  • Ka-band
  • Q-band
  • V-band

Selection of multi bands:

  • L-/X-band
  • S-/K-band
  • S-/S-X-band
  • S-/X-/X-band
  • S-/X-/Ka-band
  • C-/Ku-band
  • X-/X-/K-band
  • Ku-/DBS-band
  • Ka-/Q-/V- band
  • Q-/V-band

Feed Network (Green)

Waveguides to connect the customer defined interfaces to the feed assembly ports – optional with polarization and / or redundancy switching.

More information available in Feed Networks.

Custom Builds

MIRAD feed systems can be adapted to any antenna type or make. We provide feed systems for new and existing.

  • Standard antennas 
  • Purpose built antennas

For the latter, MIRAD supplies the reflector design including a precise forecast on expected antenna performance. When designing a feed system it is our policy to apply as many of our standard feed modules as possible, such as the feed combiner or the filters, to minimize project risks and to ensure cost efficiency as well as acceptable delivery times.

Used Antennas

As most used antennas are upgradeable, MIRAD offers

  • Antenna upgrade assessments
  • Feed system design upgrades
  • On-site installation (optional)

Prior to delivery, all of our feed systems are thoroughly tested and documented in detail.

Water cooled X-/ K-band feed system integrated into feed can – more information available in References