MIRAD is proud to have fulfilled every customers technical specifications with precisely designed and manufactured filters, and we strive to continue to do so.

We carry a wide range of standardized products: waveguide and coaxial filters for all typical transmit, receive and harmonic reject filter applications in all RF bands. Furthermore, MIRAD has years of experience in the development and production of filters for channel combination.

Key Features

  • Precise and accurate material simulation
  • Customized combinations of filter-topology for best performance
  • Very low insertion loss
  • Best return loss
  • High stop-band attenuation

In development and production, MIRAD sets high standards through the use of the CNC-machined waveguide structures in split block technique. Our team of highly specialized development engineers, supported by the latest software tools, are keen to challenge your specifications with an elegant and efficient solution that will guarantee electrically and thermally stable filter systems for your daily, uninterrupted use. Do not hesitate, contact us with your specification, however unusual it may be.

Ka-band bandpass filter, Ku-band Tx reject filter, Ku-band Rx reject filter, C-band CFC
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