Air Inlet

Soldered C-band air inlet, machined Ku-band air inlet

The MIRAD microwave air inlets are available for all common waveguide sizes and all common flange standards. The air inlets are the indispensible component in every waveguide system and can be combined with an connector defined by the user.

Pressure Window

MIRAD has designed a series of pressure windows optimized for the use in common earth stations where a low overpressure of almost 50 mbar protects the waveguide system against moisture and dirt. Only highest quality grade of materials are used to manufacture each individual pressure window and to maintain the high performance of your entire system. They are available for all common waveguide sizes and flange standards. 

Ku-band and Ka-band pressure windows

Feed Window / Radome

In order to prevent moisture and dirt from entering the feed system, the feed horn aperture is closed with a feed window. Depending on the diameter of the aperture, the frequency and the internal overpressure, different materials have to be used. MIRAD can provide you either with a customized pre-cut of your feed window according to your sketch or with sheets of Kapton™, CoreTex™ or Sefar tissue. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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