Our wide variety of high grade terminations applicable for small, medium and high power handling as well as high precision measurements, have been developed to enable best possible price-performance ratio for your individual application. The power range of our terminations starts from below 1 W up to 4 kW and above.

Key Features

  • Models with and without forced cooling available
  • High precision terminations for calibration and measurement
  • Excellent return loss
  • Power handling up to 4 kW and above
  • M&C interfaces
  • Control interface compatible to industry standard
Ka-band low power load, C-band medium power load, Ku-band high power load with air cooling

The MIRAD microwave high power terminations are designed to terminate waveguides with a very good return loss within the complete range of waveguide bands. With the integration of the correct termination, the risk of injury through hot surfaces is eliminated. The terminations are pressure tight and outdoor proof. The selection of the correct termination is extremely important to avoid overheating and is driven by the actual power level of your system. Our sales team is more than happy to support you to define the suitable component.

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