Another key competences of ours is the design and production of rigid waveguides for all frequencies. Due to our outstanding infrastructure as well as our highly trained workforce we are able to provide, at very short notice as well, customized high quality waveguides.

Key Features

  • Excellent return loss
  • Minimal insertion loss
  • Complex routing
  • Any waveguide size and flange type
  • Short and timely period of supply
  • Our assembly specialists are optionally available for on-site installation
Waveguide Cleaning

Whether your specifications are sketched or ready for production is of minor importance. We undertake any necessary design-work, conducted in close cooperation with you and will then manufacture in accordance with our renowned excellent Swiss precision standards. It goes without saying that we deliver any shape, from the simple, straight single component to the highly complex forms of waveguide runs.

Waveguide Routing
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