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Latest Q/V-band Feed Combiner launched as stadard Product


MIRAD microwave presents its latest version of Q/V-band feed combiner. This device is a dual circular poalrized combiner including the well known TE21-mode monopulse tracking possibility with very high performance for your antenna system. Whether it is a high gain solution for Casssegrain or a low gain porfile horn for ADE (ringfocus) antenna configuration. Our interface can be easily adapted to the needs of your system. Furthermore we provide different solutions linke, forced air cooling or water cooling for several power levels in your transmit band. 

Our standard feed combiners are an important part of our complet feed systems and are designed, manufactured and tested in our factory with Swiss precision in all areas under the strict control of our quality management. Our feed combiners ca be configured with a large number of different options, such as TE21-mode tracking coupler, linear-circular switchable or a cpmplete redundancy and switching network. This offers high flexibility and allows the best possible solution for different requirements and the specific needs of your system. 

Frequency Range:
Q-RX:   37.50 – 42.50 GHz
Q-Trk:  37.50 – 42.50 GHz
V-TX:    47.20 – 52.40 GHz

Q-RX:   dual circular
Q-Trk:  dual circular
V-TX:    dual circular

Axial Ratio:
Q-RX:    typ. 0.5dB
Q-Trk:   –
V-TX:     typ. 0.5dB 

Insertion Loss:
Q-RX:   max. 0.7 dB
Q-Trk:  max. 3.0 dB (incl. TE21 coupling)
V-TX:    max. 0.7 dB

Port-to-Port Isolation:
Q-RX:    min. 20 dB
Q-Trk:   min. 14 dB
V-TX:     min. 20 dB

Adaptions, additional requirements or performance parameters are available on request. 

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