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X-Band Low PIM Feed System

MIRAD developed a high power X-band feed system with very low passive intermodulation (PIM) level. The system can be adapted to existing antennas, with feed horns for cassegrain or ring-focus configuration. The PIM optimized design and manufacturing processes lead to a very robust system with an IM3 product suppression > 190dBc. 

Feed system characteristics:

  • dual circular polarized
  • PIM suppression > 190dBc (IM3)
  • power handling up to 2.0kW (simultaneous)
  • insertion losses < 0.60dB (Tx) and < 0.40dB (Rx)
  • Rx/Tx isolation > 130dB
  • axial ratio < 0.55dB 

Optional available:

  • TE21-mode tracking coupler
  • customized network design
  • 2:1 redundancy switching
  • various Rx or tX test couplers

The passive intermodulation suppression can be verified with our in-house test bench, that supports also Ku- and DBS-band. The feed sysem can be provided in very short delivery time compared to its complexity (< 4 months).

X-band high power / low PIM feed system integrated into feed can

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