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Latest S-band Feed System for Galileo Ground Station TTCF-8

After a successfull factory acceptance testing, MIRADs latests S-band feed system is ready for the delivery to the customers site. This one is the 6th S-band feed system MIRAD delivered for the Galileo navigation infrastructure. The system will be installed in a 13.5m Cassegrain antenna an will expand and support the Galileo ground infrastructure. The installation site of this TTCF-8 antenna is directly next toone of the two Galileo Control Centres in Fucino, 130km near Rome.  

The system provides the capability for the reception of dual-circular polariszed (RHCP & LHCP) signals between 2.200 – 2.300 GHz. For the high power uplink signal transmission to the spacecraft the signal polarisation can be selected. The feed system is designed to handle at least 2kW CW. The integrated TE21-mode monopulse tracking coupler provides error-signal infromation an proides the antenna to track precisly the corrsponding satllite. To protect the LNAs from the high TX signals and to improve the noise figure of the system, high isolation diplexer units with a rejection >120dB are adapted to the system.

Furthermore, the delivery includes the TX switching and also a RX 2:1 redundancy network including routing paths to 3 LNAs. These switching networks are equipped with MIRAD designen waveguide couplers (20dB, 40dB & 50dB) for TX signal sampling or for the calibration of the LNA units. The 14m long waveguide run to connect the high power amplifier in the antenna basement to the TX network interface is also part of MIRADs delivery. This WG run is equipped with one Elevation and one Azimuth Rotary Joint and also a wide stopband harmonic reject filter. all parts have been designed, assemled and verifiied by our team in our premisis in Switzerland.

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