Our standard feed combiners can be found as one key part of our feed systems. MIRAD feed combiners are designed, manufactured and tested in our facility with Swiss precission in all areas and under the strict controll of our quality management. The feed combiner configurations are available from simple 2-port linear polarized systems up to polarization switchable 6-port devices including TE21 monopulse tracking. Complexe multiband systems with special requirenments for any application can be requested to our sales team. Our highly skilled engineering team will serve you a corresponding solution approach. If high power applications, low PIM level specification or polarization switching, MIRAD provides you modular solutions for all needs. 

MIRAD Standard Feed Combiners

Please note that our products are available in a broad range of different types with different performance specifications. Just contact us with your specific requirements and we will provide you with all necessary details or data sheets immediately. If a standard product does not meet your specification, our engineering is at your service to design a customized solution.

  – 2-port, 4-port and 6-port
  – Linear or circular polarization (polarization switch)

  – TE21 monopuls tracking coupler
  – Rotatable polarization units for linear polarized feeds

  – Flexible designs (straight or folded)
  – low PIM level verification