For satellite uplink and downlink signals, MIRAD is the trusted provider of passive RF infrastructure hardware and ground station antenna services. We provide solutions and systems that transmit the amplified signal from the HPA to space and receive the very low signal levels from space and forward them to the LNAs. We design, manufacture and test systems from 1 GHz to 70 GHz in our premises with Swiss precision & quality.

We provide solutions and designs of

  • Feed systems 
  • Feed networks
  • Switching & combining systems


We have a strong and reliable know-how in engineering services for more than 30 years. All our solutions consistently deliver the best possible RF performance, due to our proven RF engineering skills and in-house availability of  adequate simulation and testing infrastructure. We provide

  • RF system and component design 
  • Antenna design and performance analysis
  • Microwave physics and anaysis for high power RF devices
  • RF & antenna measurments and verification


We have purpose built solutions, where we match your specific requirements or standardized solutions of feed systems, feed modules and feed components. For our modular systems we can draw on a very extensive portfolio of standard waveguide components that have been developed during the past decades. Therefore, we also offer the production and manufacturing of waveguide components for standard frequency ranges and applications, but also supply special designs for customer-specific requirements. We provide components like:

  • Feed Combiners 
  • Frequency filters and multiplexers
  • Directional and hybrid couplers
  • High-, medium- and low-power loads and terminations
  • Orthomode transducers (OMT)
  • Waveguide air-inlets, pressure windows and WG-Coax transitions
  • Waveguide routing and manufacturing