Our Components

One of MIRADs specialties is the design and development of frequency selective components to combine and separate RF signals. The product spectrum ranges from transmit and receive reject filters over harmonic reject filters to coupler-filter-combiners (CFC) up to complex multiplexing systems. Other indispensable components for satcom systems are standard and customized waveguides, rotary joints, WG-coax adaptors as well as high, medium and low power loads. All these components are designed for outdoor applications and are supported by our air inlets and pressure windows. We offer suitable couplers for every application and our product range covers couplers for measurement, calibration, combination and splitting purposes.

Feed Combiner

Our standard feed combiners can be configured with a large number of different options to provide the best possible solution for our customers' requirements and conditions.

Filter, Diplexer & Multiplexers

One of MIRAD’s key features is the design and development of microwave filters for any application customers need.

Directional & Hybrid Coupler

MIRAD provides also a wide variety of RF couplers whether for measurement or for power splitting or a combined purpose.

Loads & Terminations

MIRAD has a wide range of small, medium and high power loads from 1 W up to 4 kW in its component portfolio.

Waveguides and Accessories

One of MIRADs key competences is the design and production of waveguides and its corresponding accessories like rotary joints, air-inlets or pressure windows.