In waveguide transmission systems, high RF power is very often used to achieve sufficient EIRP of the antenna. To ensure the stability of the system, the power levels of the HPAs must be monitored. On the receive side, it is also important to provide a signal injection to calibrate the LNAs. For these application, directional couplers are typically used. MIRAD microwave manufactures a complete range of such devices, including wideband designs, single-, double- and even triple-loop directional couplers with very accurate coupling values from 20dB to 60dB and with high directivity. For compact system requirements with limited installation space, we provide our standardized cross-guide coupler design. 
For power splitting or combining, we offer a wide range of power splitters or hybrid deiveces like short-slot or branch-line couplers. Depending on customer requirements, we use different design typologies to find the best suitable interface option to adapt your system. Beside the standard splitting 3dB/90deg values, we provide also special designs like 5dB or 6dB signal coupler.
All couplers are manufactured, assembled and tested in our in-house workshop with highest precision in waveguide technology. Many of the designs are used in our systems such as feeds, coupler-filter-combiner or switching and combining systems.  

Frequncy Bands

Our wide variety of couplers covers all typical specifications. These high performance products range from simple directional couplers and power splitters/combiners to tailor-made components to meet your individual requirements. Several versions and configurations of waveguide directional and hybrid couplers are available from WR229 up to WR22 or for the following frequency bands:

  • C-band
  • X-band
  • Ku-band
  • Ka-band
  • Q-band
  • V-band

Key Features

In the development of our standard products, our focus was specifically on the best price-performance ratio. If these couplers do not satisfy your requirements, we are capable of customizing a high quality coupler by combining any necessary coupling value with the best frequency linearity, directivity and return loss in a wide frequency range.

  • Exact coupling values
  • High directivity
  • Optimized design in line with your application
  • High precision couplers available

Just contact the MIRAD sales if you cannot find the right configuration you need for your high power microwave application, a specific frequency range or special coupling values. Our highly skilled engineering team will serve you a corresponding solution approach.