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Q-/V-Band Feed

The Alphasat I-XL, launched in 2013, included beyond its main task several ESA TDPs (Technology Demonstration Payloads). TDP5 includes a Q-/V- Band communications experiment to assess the feasibility of these bands for future commercial applications.

Key technical challenges:

  • Functionality at Q-/V-band frequencies (Rx: 37.85 to 39.50 GHz, Tx: 47.85 to 48.15 GHz)
  • Accurate design and manufacturing
  • Mechanical tolerances according to specification
  • Adequate RF measurements and testing

Key functionalities:

  • Rx and Tx at Q-/V-band frequencies
  • Automatic alignment of linear polarized signals

Project partner:
Vertex Antennentechnik GmbH

Q-/V-Band feed system

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