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Switching & Combining Systems (SSC) for Broadcast (BSS) or Fixed Satellite Services (FSS)

In order to bundle the many different TV channel signals to a limited amount of antennas, high performance Tx switching and combining systems are required to guarantee a continuous operation. Therefore during the last two decades MIRAD has not only been the prime provider of various feed systems, but has also designed and manufactured a large amount of complex switching and combining systems, often consisting of up to 2×9 channels for vertical and horizontal polarization operation in on single antenna aperture.

Over the past decades our main customers for channel switching & combining system ordered different systems in different configurations for its large antenna parc in Betzdorf, Luxembourg

Therefore, MIRAD collected its long term experience with such systems in coorporation with a strong partner. Whether a small 2:1 back-up solution in a 19” plug-in module or a complex waveguide-switching-system containing necessary narrowabnd filters, loads, couplers and hybrids, MIRADs modular based components can easily fulfill customers’ requirements. All used components are designed for high power application up to several kWs. The losses in such a switching & combining network are minimized by silver plating the surface of the incorporated components. To ensure frequency stability and long life operation MIRADs switching & combining systems are equipped with temperature control units (TCUs) and force air cooling elements that ensure a well-balanced system behavior.

Key technical challenges:

  • Different switching & combining units
  • Combination up to 2×9 channels
  • High power handling 
  • Complexe waveguide routing between switching Units and antennas (underfloor)
  • Thermal Control Unit
Key functionalities:
  • Frequency range: 17.30 – 18.40 GHz
  • Channel bandwidth: fc ±16.5 MHz
  • Power Rating: 750W CW per Channel
  • Low insertion losses <5.2 dB
  • Flat group delay requirement <7.0 ns pp

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